Why You Need Growth-Driven Websites?

Why You Need Growth-Driven Websites
Why You Need Website

Your website is considered the biggest asset for marketing. It is an interface between you and your clients. People get first-hand information from your website.


In this way, a website is the best salesperson for your business. It is because 75% of prospective customers go through the information available online before reaching the product. So, a website is a critical part of your business.


However, it is unfortunate to state that the traditional approach towards website design and development is essentially broken.


It is owing to the reason that throughout the process, no one considers re-design requirements. In this way, website upgrade becomes a headache for the developers in later years.


However, web development Dubai-based company ensures effective management of website throughout its lifespan. The reason is that professionally sound website developers accomplish every activity from requirement gathering to the implementation and upgrade of websites. 

Why are traditional website design & development methods broken?

There are minimal chances that you have enjoyed the project of web redesign. However, there are other reasons also beside the functional issues:

  • The cost of website designing is extremely high in traditional methods as the upfront cost ranges from $15,000 - $80,000
  • In many cases, the whole payment is required to be submitted before starting the projects.
  • The average time of designing websites is around 3-6 months which is quite a long period
  • There is no defined timeline for the completion of a project owing to improper requirement management
  • Mega-projects can vary in cost and time making it difficult to give an accurate price quote.
  • After the completion of the project, no website is updated for up to one and half year. 


Think about Website Development smartly: Growth Driven

The outlook of traditional website development methods seems disappointing. Don’t be worry because as the technology is changing, so the methods also.


Growth Driven Design (GDD) is an emerging trend in the field of website design and development. The concept is based on exactly what saying a web design strategy which drives business growth.


In the simplest words, websites are designed gradually and steadily by monitoring detailed data analytics. Instead of spending a considerable time altogether and months in getting developed a complete website, GDD is adopted.


Further, professional web development services Dubai effectively utilize GDD in order to optimize the design of website gradually in order to transform it into the most effective platform for visitors. 

Approach and Stages of Growth Driven Design (GDD)

Growth-Driven Design projects are based on a systematic approach towards continuous development of websites by focusing on real-time data analytics. It not only shortens the time of development but also helps to make the websites better with the passage of time. 

The major stages of GDD are as follows:


It is the first and foremost important stage of web development. An overview actual audience is taken to ensure minimal problems after the web is launched.Comprehensiveness is a major element of strategy building. 

The Launch Pad

The website is comprehensively established as other websites and launched within minimum time. However, it is not the final version because website redesigning process remains continued until the last phase of optimization.

Regular Improvement

There is always a room for improvement. So, the website is monitored on a regular basis, and emerging requirements are identified.  In this way, the design and functionality of design are improved continuously. 

Benefits of Growth-Driven Website Design

The major advantages of GDD are as given below:

Minimize the Risk Associated with Traditional Web Development

The approach of growth-driven design is actually a response to the risks and weaknesses of traditional methods of web development. It helps to utilize money and resources optimally. 

Enables Easy Customization

It is because the website is not considered final at any stage; it is easy to customize the design. However, it is done by analysis and feedback from the audience. 

Measurable Results of website performance

There is no denying the fact that organizations look for practical solutions for their websites to ensure business progress. SpiralClick.com assists such client in a very positive manner by offering customized solutions for their business needs.


Remember! The finishing of the website is largely based on the finalization of design and functionality. It can only be done by analyzing real-world updates and trends. So, Growth-Driven Design is the panacea for all issues of websites.



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